Root Fire LLC was formed in partnership with close friends and family with one goal in mind:

“We want to create and develop fun projects that help people reach their potential thru creative business solutions.”

With that in mind, we set out to help the people closest to us, free themselves from the day-to-day trap of a 9 to 5 working for others and to help them make something that is their own to be proud of.

Motivated by creativity and the desire to create brands and products, Root Fire LLC has successfully helped design, create and launch several fun high ranking brands that can be found all over the world. With deep pride in creating Made in the USA brands, we started right here in the United States and to this day operate our creative interests in Central Ohio, our home.

In partnership with several friends over the years including for web development and online solutions, we have successfully launched brands in the retail space as well as the restaurant industry.

More than 20 years of brand experience and more than 40 years of combined development expertise

With more than two decades under our belts creating brands, nurturing brands and evolving brands, we are confident you will love our ideas, our solutions and our willingness to help you reach your dreams.

Services We Provide:

–          Brand Creation
–          Graphic Design
–          Logo Design
–          Ecommerce Training Solutions
–          Website Development
–          Hosting
–          Email Solutions
–          SEO/SEM
–          Local Claiming

Platforms We Work On:

–          Etsy
–          Amazon
–          Ebay
–          Wordpress
–          Facebook
–          And more!