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New designs ideas for your home and we have some great farmhouse, country, shabby chic and cottage chic styles for you! So many home decor ideas, rustic farmhouse crates, fun rustic decor, shabby chic decor, cottage chic and more! We have items to help make your wedding beautiful, rustic, farmhouse chic and of course fun!

We love country design and love offering our creations to everyone who shares the same passion for unique rustic design and country chic design. There is nothing more comfortable than a home that has just a touch of country to help you and your guests relax.

Looking to out fit an office, restaurant or business with decor? We can help with that! Feel free to submit your custom requests to us anytime and our talented carpenters are sure to be able to help.

Our products are all handmade and are all made with love and detail in mind. Some items are rough and rugged, and that’s the way they should be! Because a country girl is classy, but still has a little edge to her!


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July 13, 2020