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Pistol Pete’s was founded in 2013 by two good ol’ boys, looking to combine a pass time, friends and family into something of a living. Our god father and mascot, Pistol Pete Moore born, April 2004 passed too early from our world in 2013. Our friend, our protector, our buddy. Pistol Pete Moore was a rescue dog found in a home where he was used as a fighting dog. Sickened by the sight, Pete was taken in and raised by a great family of friends. Pistol Pete Moore touched more hearts in the short time he was here than most humans do in a lifetime.

5 Years later, we are still at it and hope Pete would be enjoying his time with us if he could be here! Our families have grown, our products have evolved, but one thing that will never change is our goal to be a great group of supporting loving families that will always help each other no matter what.

Pistol Pete’s has been one of the best things to ever happen to our crew and we are excited every day to show up at the shop to see our friends and family working together. It can and does get a bit crazy sometimes, but we always get the job done!

In 2013 we launched with a small series of clever survival items and have since evolved into creating rustic, industrial and farmhouse style home decor items which has always been our true passion. From our humble beginnings working out of a one car garage to where we are now, just makes us so proud. We now customize items for the inside and the outside of homes all over the world! We strive to support local as best we can while continuing our mission of recycling wood products to make awesome pieces for your home or business.

In 2016 we started to move into creating custom clipboards, menu boards, table tents and other displays for restaurants, food trucks and other business retail locations. We have found a great passion for being able to make items that people not only get to look at, but also are able to use as a utility everyday in their businesses. About the same time we also became one of the largest sources in North America of antique style and rustic style clipboard hardware and small metal hardware for the modern rustic industrial movement. That has allowed us and others to create amazing items that we never thought we would be making. Our creativity has blossomed and the ideas that we bounce off each other in the shop each day can and have become reality for everyone to enjoy.


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July 13, 2020